Whatever next? It’s PyjamaGate

January 29, 2010

In amongst all the doom and gloom in our world it is great to see we still have a sense of perspective and the ability to focus on the real issues.

It seems that the wearing of pyjamas has become a hot topic for one supermarket in South Wales where customers have been pushing their trolleys dressed in their finest sleepwear. This of course raises a good question. Should shoppers be able to dress as they like or does Tesco have the right to dictate what their customers do or do not wear? Where does this lead on to? Banning football shirts but allowing rugby shirts, allowing jeans but not if they are too low slung?

Thankfully once again research comes to the rescue with the clarification that footwear must be worn and and nightwear is not permitted – a decision arrived at (according to the Tesco’s spokesperson) by “listening to customer feedback”.

I can really recommend Whatsisname.

January 28, 2010

Business Blueprints recently conducted a national survey of respondent’s views and aspirations on buying legal services.

Of those who had taken legal advice from a firm of solicitors in the last 3 years, only two thirds could recall the name of the solicitors that they had used. How scary is this for a brand?

Interestingly only 2 in 5 would definitely recommend the firm that they consulted, which may also be swayed by the fact they couldn’t remember the firm in the first place…

Changing times for shoppers?

January 6, 2010

As a new year starts, the first indications suggest that Christmas sales are being described as “buoyant”. Although a complete picture is yet to emerge, it seems that a late surge in present buying, that is for the ‘things that people think other people want’, in the final days before Christmas was combined with an immediate post Christmas surge. This was helped by the way that Boxing Day fell on a Saturday in 2009 as people with any money left to spend rushed out to buy the ‘things that they really wanted’, i.e. not the things they actually received!

This suggests that December tills may indeed have been ringing frequently however with the rise in VAT also helping to nudge up post Xmas revenues there is talk of January being particularly bleak to the point where some are claiming that the January sale is dead. Whilst I think that is premature generalisation as I sit through another TV commercial offering ‘buy now pay later for a new 3 piece suite’ or significant reductions on a new kitchen/bathroom/bedroom from the home improvers, the days of the January clear-out may well be numbered on the high street.

Anyway here’s looking forward to another interesting 12 months for UK plc.